Here are just a few examples of Bar charts created using Chartz

You can convert between 2D and 3D with one click. Bar 3D options include side by side, stacked, stacked 100% and stacked behind (as shown). Controls for 3D wall, depth, rotation, elevation, position and size are all conveniently located on one editor palette.
Floating bars use two standard bar sets. When the "float" box is checked, the second bar set is stacked on top of the first, and the first bar set is made invisible.
The are many ways to control data point colors in Chartz, including selecting the Data Colors Manager from the top toolbar. Chartz has more than 20 color palettes, each with 14 colors. A single click lets you try a new harmonious color arrangment for your data.
Axis control is easy. Axis line, grid, ticks, labels and title can be turned off or on. Axis label and axis title positions can be shifted relative to the chart.
Horizontal or vertical reference lines can be added to the chart. Here two lines, one with the background color, and one with the data border color, have been added at the bottom of the chart to give the pleasing effect of a contiuous border.
An extra data line (XLine tab inChartz) can be added to many charts. This line has a complete set of controls, including visible data points.
As well, an equation line can be added to many charts. Here a normal curve has been drawn with 100 data points, using the equation: "8+4*sin(x)*cos(x^2)"
The bar "ticklines" option can add a pleasing effect when bar values are a multiple of the vertical axis increment.
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