Here are just a few examples of Horizontal Bar charts created using Chartz

You can convert between 2D and 3D with one click. Horizontal Bar 3D options include side by side, stacked, and stacked 100%. Controls for 3D wall, depth, rotation, elevation, position and size are all conveniently located on one editor palette.
This chart was created using the "Pyramid" Data Set Arrangement, available only when 2 horizontal bar sets have been selected.
Floating bars also use two standard horizontal bar sets. When the "float" box is checked, the second bar set is stacked on top of the first, and the first bar set is rendered invisible.
Several bar shapes are available in 3D mode, including the cylinder shape used in this chart. Here also the left and bottom chart walls are visible and colored grey.
The stacked 100% Data set Arrangement is useful for reporting results that have 3 states, such as Yes, No, and Undecided.
Chartz can load a background image. In this chart the background image contains a previously designed chart (left side bars and center labels), exported as a JPG image. There are unlimited possibilities using this technique.
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