Here are just a few examples of Line charts created using Chartz

Up to 6 line sets can be placed on one chart. Points can be optionally displayed. Shown also is grid-banding; areas between grid lines alternate in color.
Line can be optionally smoothed using a spline that passes through data points. The Points chart type has additional smoothing options.
An equation line can be also be added. The line in the example has the form "Y=8+4*sin(x)*cos(x^2)" and was evaluated for 100 data points.
Converting between 2D and 3D requires only one click.In this chart grid lines are visible, while chart walls are hidden.
Chartz provides an optional date-time axis for Line and Point chart types. The Gantt chart type aso has a date-time axis.
Shown are color banding, various line styles, multi-line annotations and a date-time axis with one month as the smallest interval.
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