Here are just a few examples of Pie charts created using Chartz

Slices can be "exploded" from the pie by double-clicking on the pie slice. Further control is available in the Slice Editor. Slice values or labels can be dispayed in a legend, or as "marks" - text and optional arrows shown on or near the pie.
Up to 6 pies can be displayed in one chart. The Pie Position Editor provides control of pie size, separation and vertical and horizontal offsets.
The are many ways to control data point colors in Chartz, including selecting the Data Colors Manager from the top toolbar. Chartz has more than 20 color palettes, each with 14 colors. A single click lets you try a new harmonious color arrangment for your data.
A pie chart can be converted to a donut chart simply by changing the Percent Donut from 0 to a number less than 100.
A single click converts a pie chart between 2D and 3D. Full control of the pie position, size, rotation and elevation is provided.
Charts can have a background image - in this case a small image of a bar chart. the image can be displayed anywhere on the chart, or can be stretched to fill either the whole chart or the central data area.
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