Chartz - easily create beautiful charts

The main Chartz windows

Chartz charting application
  • shown on the left are the three multi-tabbed editor palettes, able to control all aspects of chart design. Mote than 20 color themes, each with 14 harmonious colors, are available.
  • the main window, which holds the chart, is resizeable. The chart margins can be adjusted with two controls each on the top and left chart edges. The chart legend, title and additional text annotations can be dragged into position with the mouse.
  • The data window allows for easy data entry. Initially the chart contains random data; data is then added on a cell by cell basis, or by copying and pasting from other sources. A simple spreadsheet is also provided.
  • finally, the export window is used to save the chart to any of 10 image formats. Prior to saving the image chart can be optionally resized and smoothed.

Available chart types

Currently Chartz can create the following 12 chart types:
  • bar
  • dot
  • horizontal bar
  • line
  • area
  • histogram
  • error bar
  • bubble
  • pie (donut)
  • point (xy)
  • Gantt
  • volume

Image export formats

  • BMP
  • TIF
  • GIF
  • SVG
  • JPG
  • VML
  • EMF
  • PNG
  • PS
  • PDF

Chartz and Chartz Ex

An extended Chartz Ex version is available for those who wish to make use of command-line control. Chartz Ex can be called from batch files or through programmatic control. Chartz Ex integerates with HP's SmartStream® plug-in for Adobe Indesign®. Additional information is provided in the Chartz help file.

Download Chartz

Purchase Chartz online using encrypted SSL connection certified secure by VeriSign Inc.

Download Chartz

Free trial with no time limit. Chart images in the trial version have a "Chartz Trial" watermark. The watermarks are removed as soon as a license is purchased and the license key is input into Chartz.

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